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The Heart of Manitoulin Island

The Township of Billings is formed from Billings Township and the Eastern half of adjacent Allan Township, and occupies the north central portion of Manitoulin Island. It contains part of Lake Kagawong, Lake Manitou, Otter Lake and Lake Mindemoya, and its northern boundary is Lake Huron. The extensive lake frontage explains the residence distribution, and the large portion of seasonal residences. The Kagawong River drains Lake Kagawong, flows over Bridal Veil Falls, and reaches Lake Huron in the Hamlet of Kagawong. The Harbour at Kagawong is directly south of the Benjamin Islands cruising grounds on the North Channel, and between the harbour towns of Little Current to the east, and Gore Bay to the west. The M'Chigeeng First Nation reserve is within the boundaries of Billings, with Mindemoya directly to the south.

The economy of Billings is driven more by tourism and service industries than by agriculture or logging as in the past. There are souvenir and collectibles shops, eateries, a kayak rental facility, small chocolate and furniture businesses, an engine and machine shop, a boating supply and repair facility, High School, two gas stations and several tourist resorts.

Several thousand tourists annually visit the township and take in the natural beauty of the area as well as visiting one of Manitoulin's premier sites, Bridal Veil Falls.

Billings Township Boundaries

Billings Boundaries



Billings Boundaries 2


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