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Notice of Study Commencement Class Environmental Assessment


The Township of Billings has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the construction of a replacement pedestrian bridge on the trail system in the Kagawong River Park.

The goal of the pedestrian bridge on the Kagawong River will be to provide hiking and trail opportunities to people of all ages and abilities. This will allow the community further opportunities and diversify and grow the tourism sector of Manitoulin Island. The bridge is a replacement for a previous crossing that is no longer functional and will be removed as part of the construction activities. We are proposing a crossing that is located slightly downstream of the current location. We are also proposing that the pedestrian bridge be a prefabricated unit that will be placed at a height that will permit moderately high flood flows to pass under the structure while extreme events may pass over approaches on either side of the bridge.

The study is being undertaken by the planning and design process for ‘Schedule A+’ projects outlined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (June 2000, as amended in 2007 and 2011) under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Prior to the final completion of the study, the proposed bridge design plans and supporting documentation will be made public for further opportunities for public input for a 30 day review period.

If you wish to comment on this project, have your name added to the project mailing list, or have any questions about this project, please contact Todd Gordon, Municipal Project Manager Tel: 705.923.6189 or E-mail:

Please see the official notice attached.