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NEWS RELEASE: Firehall Update


At the December 6, 2022 Township of Billings Council meeting, Dan Moody, A.Sc.T. Project Manager Tulloch Engineering provided Council with a presentation regarding structural concerns with the Firehall Reconstruction Project that have stopped the project.

Council was provided with two options:

Option One – Short term stabilization, followed by temporary shoring of the roof structure on the affected side of the building.  The repair the existing structure would require significant costs for stabilization, shoring, as well as repairs to the existing masonry structure., or

Option Two – Complete demolition of the building down to the level of the foundation. As the current contract includes for replacement of all siding, insulation, windows, doors, electrical and mechanical systems these materials could be used.  The construction of a new building would afford the opportunity to change the aesthetics of the building.

By way of resolution, Council directed staff to proceed with requesting the Engineer provide further details on the shoring option and the demolition option on the same footprint of the firehall and provide the financial implications and timelines for Council consideration at the earliest time possible.

In addition, Council directed staff to proceed with exploring alternative options to provide bulk water and authorized pre-budget approval in the amount of $15,000 for a solution.

For more information:
CAO/Clerk Emily Dance
Township of Billings