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Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – October 21, 2020

Mayor’s Message on Covid-19- October 21,2020

Hello everyone, week 31 for my messages.

Ontario reported 704 new cases on Monday and three Toronto hospitals reported outbreaks with staff and patients. Most Toronto hospitals are close to being maxed out with new admissions.

In this second wave and as the virus mutates, a higher percentage of Covid infected people are requiring hospital care. Thankfully, we in the north are still in good shape with low infection numbers.

With the annual deer hunt started (now bow season) and the larger gun hunt starting on November 16, a growing number of hunters will be returning to Manitoulin.

Approximately 8000 hunters converge here for the November gun hunt. Many in groups of a half dozen to a dozen, often in one camp.

In addition, many have long term connections to Manitoulin and visiting was common with local folks and family. This will be a very different hunt as hunters need to adjust to keep everyone safe.

A number of guidelines/suggestions for a safer way to meet and hunt can be found on our township website and Facebook page.

Halloween will be different as well, our Public Health Unit has issued some suggestions as to how to trick or treat with safety in mind.

In provincial hotspots the recommendation is to not go outside of your home for the Halloween festivities. No stone remains unturned as we try and reduce contacts where the numbers are high.

Canada has now recorded over 200,000 cases but we remain far better off than many other countries because we collectively worked hard and we will continue to do the same.

Thank you,