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Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – May 5, 2020

Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – May 5, 2020

Hello everyone, week seven for my messages, seems like a lifetime ago since the pandemic started.

The rate of new infections in Ontario has only marginally changed for the better, now 17,553 but across the country there is some room for cautious optimism with a noticeable slow down in some provinces.

Our country’s economy and the public’s mental health have all paid a heavy toll. Governments at all levels have recognized this and are slowly trying to reopen some businesses and public spaces in some parts of our country.

Strict protocols are being developed for these openings to try to prevent a second wave of infections. There is little question now that physical distancing, proper hand washing and avoiding touching your face have all been measures that work.

Increasingly, it is now recommended to wear a face covering if there is any potential to be in close proximity to other people who are not members of your household.

There has been a number of references recently to Herd Immunity. Dr. Mike Bedard on a May 4 webcast defined it simply as a point in time when approximately 70% of us have had the virus and recovered and are now immune.

Obviously, we are not there yet and the wait for a vaccine continues.

Regarding township business, the additional hours, this week, for the landfill coupled with a request not to bring brush seems to have improved this congestion problem, at least for now.   We will continue to monitor closely and adjust as required.

We are still working diligently on the Small Craft Harbour expansion with the hope of being ready to proceed later this summer if pandemic guidelines allow the construction to proceed.

Your Council’s agenda and background information are available on our township’s website for all of our regular meetings to keep everyone informed.

Lastly, on April 7, almost one full month ago, I said the following: “I urge everyone to remain calm and tolerant. We have many positives to reflect on and we will get through this together”.

The need for this today has not diminished.

Thank you and stay safe.