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Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – June 2, 2020

Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – June 2, 2020

Hello everyone, week 11 for my messages.

Last week, I reported an encouraging trend in the COVID-19 numbers provincially, however, the new case numbers for the last few days are not going the right direction. Sunday was just over 400, yesterday was 446, with the majority being from the GTA. In the Public Health Sudbury and Districts area, which includes Manitoulin, the numbers remain at 64 with no new reported cases in several weeks. Ontario has risen to 28,709 cases with 2,293 deaths.

Our provincial government is planning today to extend the provincial state of emergency until June 30, which would mean all of the current orders and guidelines around physical distancing, group size, hygiene and face coverings where physical distancing is not possible, will remain in effect.

Within Billings Township, the Emergency Control Group is now working towards a phased reopening of some of our public trails along the Kagawong River, starting with a one-way loop from the Park Centre to the power plant and north to Old Mill Road. We are also planning for opening access to the Bridal Veil Falls viewing platform; the stairs down to the base of the Falls will remain closed for now, as will the trails between the power plant and the Falls. We are in the process of preparing signage and developing protocols to make this as safe as possible and will be announcing details on the opening when everything is in place.

No one should need a reminder of just how infectious this virus has proven to be. There are numerous examples to show how just one person who is infected can potentially spread this virus to many others. Our long-term goal is to keep our residents and visitors safe. If everyone does their part and does not become complacent, this may be an achievable goal.

We recognize the strain that everyone has been under, particularly those with small businesses and we will take cautious, measured steps to help where we can, but safety first.
Thank you,