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Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – August 11, 2020

Mayor’s Message on COVID-19 – August 11, 2020

Hello everyone, week 21 for my messages.

Somewhat predictably, we are now witnessing an increase in infections in the last week, almost across our county. With the reopening protocols for public venues comes increased risks. Since July 4 there have been 505 individual infections reported in connection with public venues in 61 cities across 7 provinces. At least 148 different stores, bars, restaurants, daycare centres and schools have been identified as sources for infection. In Ontario, after almost a week of reported infections under 100, yesterday we had 115. Considering our province’s population, this is still a very good trend, 18 of Ontario’s 34 Public Health Units had no new cases reported yesterday.

Worldwide, the total number of cases now exceeds 20 million, doubling in the last six weeks. Over 733,000 people have been claimed by this virus which has now, according to some health officials, reached the most infectious disease that we’ve had in at least the last century. In spite of this doom and gloom, it has also been proven that if enough people remain vigilant and follow proven protocols, we can at least limit new infections.

Our township’s food share program concluded recently and it was a resounding success made possible by a very committed group of volunteers. I would like to thank Cody Leeson, Noojmowin Teg’s Child Nutrition Coordinator, and Second Harvest for their offer for Billings Township to participate in this very worthwhile program. Thanks to Megan Bonenfant, our Community Emergency Management Coordinator, and Jim Chambers for coordinating this weekly program since early May and to Bryan Barker, Mary Buie, Charlene Chambers, Sarah Chambers, Sandy Cook, Barb Erskine, Ruth Farquhar, Dianne and David Fraser, Scott Graham, Gail Los, Nancy Lyne, Claire McEachern, Tiana Mills, Sean Patterson, Randy Peters and Willa Wilson for volunteering many, many hours to distribute these products. From the numerous notes and verbal ‘thank-you’s, it is obvious to me that this initiative was sincerely appreciated by everyone. Kudos to everyone involved!

Thank you,