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September 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes


PRESENT: Mayor Austin Hunt, Councillors Sandi Hurcomb, Tom Imrie, Gerry Mack
STAFF: Kathy McDonald, Clerk Treasurer and Rick Rusk, Public Works Superintendent
Regrets: Councillor Brian Parker
Media: Tom Sasvari and Sharon Jackson

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-253 Imrie – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT this regular meeting of Council be opened with a quorum of members present at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Hunt presiding in the Chair.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-254 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council accepts the minutes of the August 19, 2013 regular meeting as presented.

Councillor Imrie reported on the Fallen Officer Bridge Dedication that he and Councillor Parker attended on August 23, 2013.

Councillor Mack reported that the Recreation Committee will be having its Bark in the Park on Saturday.

Mayor Hunt attended the AMO Annual Conference August 19 to 21st.

Mayor Hunt attended the meeting with the Premier on Friday August 30.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-255 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the closing of the Municipal Office from Friday December 20, 2013 at noon until January 2, 2014.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-256 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves the replacement of the Municipal Office Door to one that meets the safety code, the work to be done by the property manager.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-257 Imrie – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council instructs staff to have the Old Mill Roof drain repaired as soon as possible.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-258 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council instructs staff to prepare and distribute to contractors a tender for replacement of the roof at 15 Old Mill Rd.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-259 Hurcomb – Mack
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Billings Township will pay the expenses for Tom Imrie to attend the 2013 Emergency Management Symposium in Toronto November 13 to 15, 2013.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-260 Imrie – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council accepts the minutes of settlement for
5121 000 004 11600
5121 000 004 10409

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-261 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council instructs the Clerk Treasurer to increase the amount of petty cash from $200 to $500.

[well size=”well-normal”]

2013-262 Mack – Hurcomb
WHEREAS the Township of Billings has applied for an amendment to the existing ECA No. A550501 for an expansion to the current landfill;

AND WHEREAS, the fee associated with the Major Technical Amendment for Waste Landfilling Site is $4,500;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Billings Township pay the fee of $4,500 for the expansion application.


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2013-263 Hurcomb – Mack
WHEREAS years of research confirms the benefits of high quality child care for young children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development and later life outcomes; and

WHEREAS child care promotes the well-being of children and responds to the needs of parents, child care workers and the broader community by supporting quality of life so that citizens can fully participate in and contribute to the economic and social life of their community; and

WHEREAS many studies show trained and knowledgeable Early Childhood Educators and child care staff are the most important element in quality child care, and that good wages and working conditions are associated with higher job satisfaction and morale, lower staff turnover which leads to high quality education and care;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT October 30, 2013 be designated the 13th annual “Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day” in recognition of the education, dedication and commitment of child care works to children, their families and quality of life of the community.


[well size=”well-normal”]2013-264 Mack – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Township of Billings pay the registration fee and expenses for Public Works Superintendent, Rick Rusk, to attend Snow School from September 30, to October 2 and the Snow and Ice Colloquium on October 23 and 24.

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2013-265 Imrie – Hurcomb
WHEREAS, The Espanola Ministry of Natural Resources Field Office has been part of the community for generations and have provided support to the local economies and public in the field of Forestry, Lands and Fish and Wildlife.

AND WHEREAS, the economic loss to the communities of the area will also be a loss to the local residents and businesses:

AND WHEREAS, having staff travel to Sudbury and then back to conduct field work does not appear to be a sound business decision;

AND WHEREAS, local individuals and community groups will be forced to deal with staff in Sudbury to receive service from MNR;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Township of Billings does not support the decision to close the Espanola Field Office;

AND BE IT RESOLVED that Council instructs staff to send letters to the Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti and Premier Kathleen Wynne and Manitoulin Municipalities, that the Township of Billings opposes the closure of the Espanola MNR Office.


[well size=”well-normal”]2013-266 Imrie – Mack
BE IT RESOLVED THAT, subject to Ministry of Natural Resources approval and subject to the approval of the Public Works Superintendent Council has no additional concerns regarding the water line proposed at 422 Lakeshore Rd.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-267 Imrie – Mack
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council directs the Clerk Treasurer to communicate with the Town of Gore Bay and obtain information related to the request we take potentially contaminated landfill to determine exact nature of the contaminants, the potential liability posed by the contaminants, and what if any mitigation plans the Town of Gore Bay has established, and further that acceptance of the landfill is subject to the recommendation of the Public Works Superintendent and the capacity of the landfill.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-268 Imrie – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council accepts, with sincere regrets, the resignation of Lois Linley from the Farmer’s Market; and Further that Council directs the Clerk Treasurer to obtain a plaque congratulating Ms. Linley for her years of support to the community and the success of the Kagawong Market; and further that Council accepts Karen Free and Ethel Newburn as her replacements.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-269 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council authorizes the following accounts for payment:
General Accounts $48,985.44
And that the Mayor and Treasurer be authorized to sign cheques number 1497 to 1538 as described in the attached register.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-270 Mack – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT we go in camera at 9:17 p.m. to discuss matters pertaining to personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees relations or employee negotiations as per Section 239 of the Municipal Act.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-271 Hurcomb – Mack
BE IT RESOLVED THAT we adjourn from this “in camera’ session at 9:26 p.m. and resume our regular meeting.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-272 Hurcomb – Imrie
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves continuing the Marina Managers employment for the 2014 season, such employment is subject to resolution of any human resources issues to the satisfaction of the Clerk Treasurer.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-273 Mack – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law 2013-42, being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted.

[well size=”well-normal”]2013-274 Imrie – Hurcomb
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council adjourns from this regular meeting of Council at 9:32 p.m. until our next regular meeting of September 16, 2013 or Call of the Chair.

[small]These minutes have been prepared but are not considered official until approved by Council at a subsequent meeting.[/small]