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November 15, 2016 Committee Minutes

The Corporation of

The Township of Billings

Committee of the Whole Meeting

November 15, 2016

PRESENT: Mayor Austin Hunt, Councillors Sharon Alkenbrack, Barbara Erskine, Brian Parker

Staff: Kathy McDonald, Clerk Treasurer/CAO and Floyd Becks, Acting Public Works Superintendent

Media: Tom Sasvari

Members of the General Public



Alkenbrack – Erskine

BE IT RESOLVED THAT this Committee of the Whole meeting be opened with a quorum present at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Austin Hunt presiding.



Erskine – Alkenbrack

BE IT RESOLVED that the agenda for the November 15, 2016 committee meeting be accepted as presented.



Council discussed that the Sustainability Plan was a five year plan, finished in December 2017 and that a new one needs to be developed. Discussion regarding applying for funding to have a consultant do it or have Lambac facilitate the plan for the Township. Kathy is to set up a meeting between Council and Lambac regarding the Strategic Plan.


Council discussed the draft Procurement Policy that they were presented with. The draft Procurement Policy will be sent to the municipal lawyer for review, as suggested by Councillor Parker.


Discussion regarding the RFP for the organizational review. Discussion on whether this could be done in sections instead of completing it all at once. Tabled for the next Committee of the Whole meeting.


The Vehicle Anti-Idling Policy was discussed. Tabled until the next Committee Meeting so that Public Works has time to review it and make recommendations.


Discussion regarding a replacement Community Emergency Management Coordinator. With the retirement of Tom Imrie from Council the township needs to appoint a replacement CEMC. Kathy has contacted Dan Osbourne and he will act as a temporary CEMC for the township until someone is located to do the job. Dan does not want the position but will fill in for the time being. Kathy is to talk to Lambac about the possibility of having a joint CEMC for a group of municipalities.


In 2016 the township budgeted for new flooring for the Park Centre. The township has obtained a quote, which is much higher than anticipated, and the flooring cannot be installed until January. It was decided to use the money to order new chairs for the Park Centre and reconsider the floor with the 2017 budget.


The Winter Operations Plan is still being worked on by the Public Works Superintendent. Hopefully it is ready to present to Council at the next Council meeting.


Having a Municipal Land Use Policy was discussed. Council agreed that the Township should have one and that a by-law should be prepared.



Alkenbrack -Erskine

BE IT RESOLVED that in accordance with Section 239 (1)(d) of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. Chapter 25, this Council proceed to a Closed Session at 8:40 p.m. in order to discuss a matter pertaining to labour relations or employee negotiations.



During the in camera session Council discussed promotions and 2017 pay increases for staff.


Alkenbrack – Erskine

BE IT RESOLVED that Council adjourns from this in camera session at 9:20 p.m. and resumes our regular meeting.



Erskine – Alkenbrack

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council adjourns from this Committee of the Whole Meeting at 9:21 p.m.





__________________________  _____________________________

Austin Hunt, Mayor                                   Kathy McDonald, Clerk Treasurer/CAO






These minutes have been prepared but are not considered official until approved by Council at a subsequent meeting.