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Minutes January 19, 2017 Committee of the Whole

The Corporation of the
Township of Billings
Committee of the Whole
January 19, 2017

PRESENT: Mayor Austin Hunt, Councillors Sharon Alkenbrack, Nora Bath-Haring, Barbara Erskine and Brian Parker.
STAFF: Kathy McDonald, Clerk Treasurer/CAO

Erskine – Alkenbrack
BE IT RESOLVED that this meeting of the Committee of the Whole be opened with a quorum present at 9:30 a.m. with Mayor Hunt presiding.

Council continued the meeting from where it ended at the January 18, 2017 meeting. The Clerk Treasurer/CAO presented the 2016 Budget to Actual with 2017 Draft Budget to Council.

After discussion it was determined that the following items be considered as priority for 2017; landfill, Main Street repairs from Hwy 540 intersection to A H Hunt Marina, Bulldozer, Municipal office masonry repointing, waterfront project, Building Condition Assessment and possibly flooring for the Park Centre.

Discussion regarding the tax sale property.
Discussion regarding assessment changes and that Council will need to see an increase in the tax revenue for 2017.
The Clerk Treasurer/CAO was asked to determine what items/expenditures can be financed. Sources of financing to be considered is borrowing from reserves or the bank. Although funding is yet to be approved, The Clerk Treasurer/CAO is to estimate what the 2017 expenditures for the waterfronts project will be.
Bath-Haring – Alkenbrack
BE IT RESOLVED that this meeting of the Committee of the Whole be adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

___________________________      ________________________________
Austin Hunt, Mayor                                         Kathy McDonald, Clerk Treasurer/CAO


These minutes have been prepared but are not considered official until approved by Council at a subsequent meeting.