Kagawong Municipal Marina

The marina is managed by Bruce Mercer and he will work out of the municipal office. The marina phone number is (705) 282-8800 from mid-May to September, Mr. Mercer can be reached Monday to Thursday the Municipal Office at 705 282 2611 ext 222. In addition, Billings will have three students hired for general duties at the marina.

Our Main Dockage Comprises Of:

  • A protected 46’ face on the lee side of the L dock
  • A 31’ face in the lee of the main dock
  • 9 protected finger piers
    • 3 on the lee side of the timber dock, 82’0’ along either side;
    • 3 along the shoreline 24’ each side
    • 3 behind a boulder break wall

A small craft harbour just east of the main marina provides:

  • 18 large slips and
  • 15 small slips

2016 Pricing:

Seasonal Services Slip $30.00 per foot
Seasonal No Service $25.00 per foot
Transient Over night $1.30 per foot
Small Craft – Large Slip $325.00 per slip
Small Craft – Small Slip $295.00 per slip

Small Craft – double Slip                                         $500.00 per slip