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Committee's and Boards


Community Policing Advisory Committee
Economic Development Committee
Joint Building Systems Committee
Kagawong Cedars Cemetery Board
Library Board
Museum Board
Park Centre Advisory Committee
Recreation Committee
Waterfront Improvement Committee

Council Committee and Board Representatives

Go Green Commitee - Erskine

Community Policing Advisory Committee - Parker

Deer Management Advisory - Parker
Economic Development Committee - Alkenbrack
Information Booth (MTA) - Bath-Haring
Joint Building Systems Committee - Erskine
Kagawong Cedars Cemetery Board - Bath-Haring
Library Board - Alkenbrack
Manitoulin Municipal Association - Hunt, Parker
Manitoulin Planning Board - Hunt
Museum Board - Bath-Haring
Provincial Offences POA - Parker
Park Centre Advisory Committee - Alkenbrack
Recreation Committee - Erskine